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This is life. From parenting to life hacks, we are sharing our life here. 

Don’t you love the internet? Everyday, there is some new piece of information that my life requires. Sometimes its as simple as I need a chicken Instant Pot recipe, other times its what is the best toddler clock?

Sharing Life Online

Over the last 10 years of blogging here at Digital Mom Blog, I’ve shared life online. I learned that by sharing random life info, that not only am I learning – I can share and others can learn and get the info they need.


Here you will find all of those blog posts in hopes that mamas like me who are Googling or Pinteresting away will one day, when you need some random bit of information – that Digital Mom is your resource. 



Shall we talk life with kids? Parenting, y’all – it is NOT for the weak. My husband and I have 4 kids and it’s never boring. We have been dunked into the parenting pool for the last 16+ years and oh the things we have learned! 

Mom Style

From being a working mom to a mom with 2 toddlers, juggling it all – this is mom life

Life Hacks for Moms

What would a life blog be without life hacks? Here are our favorite!

Home Life

A little random bit of information about our home life, did you know we live in a farm house? We are sharing our favorite home finds and a bit about our life at home. 

Words of Wisdom

Words have power. Time and time again, I’ve been able to change my attitude or perspective by reading inspirational quotes. If you need a pick-me-up, smile or inspiration – these Inspirational Quotes are for you.

Instant Pot Recipes

When we just had 2 kids and I worked outside of the home, we ate out just about every meal. Now a days, the time around the table sometimes is the only family time that we have during a day. So at least 3 times a week, I am pulling out the handy Instant Pot! So for this mom of 4 – Instant Pot is LIFE! 

Here you will find the Instant Pot Recipes to hopefully make your family life simpler!


In 2019, during lent – I decided to spend 40 days blogging about faith. This totally stepped outside of my normal but stretched my faith life

Life is a series on Digital Mom Blog

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