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Funny Merry Christmas Memes 50+ Images for Happy Holidays!

Share the Merry Christmas Memes and Images to spread the holiday greetings all across the social media land.

Didn’t send Christmas cards this year? No worries, we got you. It’s 2022, and let’s face it. As great as it is to get a physical card in the mail, it just isn’t something everyone does now a days.

Merry Christmas Memes

That said, back in 1995 when the family Christmas cards game was in full force, we didn’t have the ability to spread the holiday cheer as wide and far as we do now in 2022.

merry christmas memes funny
merry christmas memes funny

Continuing on with our series of Christmas memes, we thought what better way to share holiday cheer in 2022 than something that is free and funny.

get ready the merry christmas memes are coming
merry christmas meme

We are sharing the BEST Merry Christmas memes here so that you can share and wish the world holiday greetings on the interwebs, via text or email. Here’s our massive collection for all tastes, ages, genders and sizes.

christmas day be like you get a merry christmas
merry christmas meme funny

Bonus, these Merry Christmas memes are free. See our inflation memes, we joke (and cry) because y’all anything we can get for free during the holidays is a yes.

Happy Holidays

Well, here we go. Like this funny Merry Christmas meme states – I tell you one thing you want another.

brace yourself for the annual merry christmas vs happy holidays meme

Let’s just appreciate it all. Have Jewish friends? Send them one of our merry (or happy) Hanukkah memes.

merry hanukkah happy christmas

I mean, sure the deal is though with Happy Holidays – it covers all the bases. Jewish, Christian, Agnostic or Athiest – and New Years too!

happy holidays its like saying merry christmas and happy new years at the same time
merry christmas and happy new year meme

For mom or grandma, this Merry Christmas meme also recognizes Jesus’ birthday.

merry christmas office and happy birthday jesus
merry christmas office meme

The sentiment of Rev. Glen Vanderkloot states it best.

In spite of what some politicians and some Christians claim, there is no war on Christmas. This false idea stems from the use of “happy holidays” rather than “merry Christmas” as a common greeting during the time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

not sure if i should wish you a merry christmas or a happy holidays
funny merry christmas meme

This is a false claim used to divide us. There is no reason to politicize the holiday season. Read more in the article There is No War on Christmas, Just Respect for Others.

Naughty List Memes

We all have that friend, or group of friends that don’t ever make it on to Santa’s good list.

merry christmas to someone who once again is on my naughty list
merry christmas naughty meme

This Merry Christmas naughty meme is perfect to send them as a gentle reminder that they are bad.

looking at my like i wont be seeing you this year, but have a very merry christmas
merry christmas funny meme

The friend that is on the naughty list would also probably appreciate this Merry Christmas dirty meme. I mean, when someone asks for dirty feet pics, you send them.

here is the dirty feet pic you asked for merry christmas
merry christmas dirty meme

Another dirty Merry Christmas meme to really irritate people. I don’t condone trolling of a mean bullying kind, but sending these are just funny.

here's your dirty merry christmas meme
dirty merry christmas meme

Don’t miss our Santa memes for more Christmas laughs.

merry christmas you naughty boy
merry christmas naughty meme

Merry Christmas Biden Meme

For those who love him or hate him, while we might not agree on whether or not he is a great president – we can agree he makes a great Joe Biden Merry Christmas meme.

c'mon man have a merry christmas
joe biden merry christmas meme

Have a great, merry whatever!

have a great merry whatever
merry christmas biden meme

For the Family

How’s this for hodge podge! Post this Merry Christmas family meme to let your extended fam know you still exist.

merry christmas family
merry christmas family meme

Calling mom is overrated, send her a meme via text. She will love it! Want her to never get it? Download this Merry Christmas mom meme and DM it to her. Kidding, send the meme but call mom.

have a merry Christmas mom from your favorite kid
merry christmas mom meme

Yellowstone Merry Christmas Memes

If you love you some Dutton’s, here is a Yellowstone Merry Christmas meme to share. With season 5 just released, Beth, Rip and the rest of the gang are the talk of the town.

merry christmas may your family drama this holiday season be less crazy than the duttons
merry christmas yellowstone meme

Speaking of Rip, I mean. Here’s a Christmas Rip meme for anyone who can’t get enough of this cowboy.

have a very merry ripmas
yellowstone merry christmas meme

See all of our Yellowstone memes for more ranch humor.

merry christmas may your holiday drama be less dramatic than the dutton's
yellowstone merry christmas meme

Merry Christmas Yoda Meme

For the Star Wars lover, speak their love language with these Merry Christmas Yoda meme.

christmas it is merry it shall be
yoda merry christmas meme

Or this cute Baby Yoda Christmas meme.

merry christmas i wish you
merry christmas baby yoda meme

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

The infamous scene in Home Alone has been meme’d.

merry christmas ya filthy animal
merry christmas ya filthy animal meme

For the filthy animals in your life, share this Merry Christmas meme.

merry christmas you filthy animal
merry christmas you filthy animal meme

More Merry Christmas Images

We told you we had a huge collection, right? Here’s a Merry Christmas image to send to friends.

merry christmas friends
merry christmas friend meme

Merry Christmas Team

While we have a huge collection of funny work memes, here is a generic lookin’ Merry Christmas team meme that will madden any professional graphic designer.

merry christmas team
merry christmas team meme

Hey Girl

If Ryan Gossling makes her swoon, what about him wrapped in Christmas lights?

hey girl have a very merry christmas
merry christmas girl meme

Homer Merry Christmas Meme

Woohoo and Christmas greetings from the one and only Homer Simpson.

woohoo merry christmas
merry christmas homer simpson meme

Seasons Greetings from Animals

Anyone who has a pug, is typically obsessed. A Merry Pugmas meme is just the thing to text.

merry pugmas
merry christmas pug meme

This hilarious Merry Christmas meme is for dog owners. The joys of the wonderful way dogs smell each others butts is just well, gross.

merry sniffmas
merry christmas dog meme

For the stallion in your life. Whoever he is, it’s a compliment.

merry christmas to my favorite stallion
merry christmas horse meme

Cat people, we didn’t forget about you. A Merry Christmas cat meme that is a pun.

meowy christmas i hope its purrfect
merry christmas meme cat

Wine Merry Christmas Image

May your holiday season be rosé and bright. Cheers!

merry christmas may your holiday seas be rose and bright
merry christmas wine meme

Mike Tyson Christmas

The man, the myth, the legend – Mike Tyson!

merry chrithmith
mike tyson merry christmas meme


For the lover of anime.

merry christmas me
merry christmas anime meme

Christmas Movies

A little Bruce Willis meme to say Merry Christmas! Don’t miss these Die Hard Christmas memes. IYKYK.

merry christmas die hard

You are a meme one, Mr. Grinch. Yes, our Grinch memes have arrived and they are ready for sharing.

merry christmas grinch
merry christmas grinch meme

Griswold Merry Christmas

Clark Griswold is iconic. If for some crazy reason you haven’t watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, this year is when you should make that happen. Don’t miss Aunt Bethany.

merry christmas to you everybodys tell you teh same thing on facebook
Griswold Merry Christmas meme

Of course, there is Cousin Eddie. Every family has a Cousin Eddie. See our Christmas Vacation memes.

merry christmas from cousin eddie
merry christmas cousin eddie meme

Share the Memes

We hope you enjoyed and share these Merry Christmas images! We just ask that you tag us on social and link back to this post so more people can enjoy the sentiment.

we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year
merry christmas wishes meme

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