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25 Best Unemployment Memes: Layoffs Quitting and Being Fired

If you are a new member to the no job club, we have funny unemployment memes as a welcome gift.

Continuing our series of funny work memes, there comes a time in nearly all of our lives where we find ourselves unemployed. If this is your time, we’re bringing the humor.

Funny Unemployment Memes

It’s the year 2023 and well, unemployment is all the rage. Not really, but with the amount of people you hear of without work from either not being able to find a job, quitting or layoffs – the job market is scary none the less.

unemployment memes
funny unemployment memes

We are taking on the issue of being unemployed in the best way possible, with funny unemployment memes – of course.

today is brought to you by the letter u as in unemployment
unemployment meme funny

The pains of being let go from a job that you love, or even that you hate isn’t fun. It’s roll down the hill not fun.

how i feel after filling for unemployment
filling for unemployment meme

Just know that you are not alone. The jobless rate is going down, which is good – but finding a job isn’t always easy.

unemployed people everywhere
funny unemployed meme

Laid Off Memes

Every week, the news features another round of companies doing Layoffs. From Disney layoffs to Amazon, even a possible new round at Salesforce – nobody has time for that.

layoffs ain't nobody got time for that
layoff meme

Sometimes you can sense it. Whether you notice your boss in a lot of meetings with HR and upper management or perhaps your company just flat out tells you, it’s never fun.

layoffs may the odds be in your favor
layoffs meme

As we have heard from so many, layoffs which use to be done in person meetings are now being handled via Zoom and even sometimes via text.

job layoff all the staff
job layoff meme

If AI is the reason for you being laid off, know you aren’t alone! Don’t miss our ChatGPT memes.

the 2023 recession is killing the job market vs chatgpt
chatgpt jobs meme

While surviving a layoff does help the ego, the reality is that chances are your plate may just have gotten a bit fuller at work.

surviving layoffs makes people feel like they have power
surviving layoffs meme

Then there are always those people who want to get laid off.

funny layoff meme
funny layoff meme

HR is typically the one to handle layoffs. It’s good to have friends in HR not saying they will always tell you if a layoff is coming, but maybe.

hr layoffs meme you are laid off
hr layoffs meme

Don’t miss our HR memes.

Fired Memes

Who wants to talk about getting fired? That’s right – pretty much no one.

one does not simply want to talk about getting fired
fired meme

This fired meme with a funny monkey just shows you the awkwardness one feels before the axe chopping begins.

that feeling you get when you're about to get fired
getting fired meme

If you could only fire someone with a you’re fired meme – this would be what you would send them.

fired you are find a new job you must
fired meme funny

Blowing snot bubbles is a good fire me look.

my face when i find out im getting fired
funny fired meme

In the words of Donald Trump. you’re fired.

you're fired meme
you’re fired meme

Quit Job Meme

These unemployment memes are for those of you who chose the jobless life (or temporarily without a job.) Here are our favorite quit job memes for when you just can’t work at that place anymore. When you tell your boss that you quit.

me explaining to my boss that i quit
i quit meme

When you quit your job and have no backup plan.

how i feel after quitting my job with no back up plan
quit job meme funny

Or savings, who needs money? About that.

quit your job with no plans and no savings i too like to live dangerously
quit your job meme

WOOOHOO! Hopefully bigger and better things are ahead for your career if you are posting this quit job meme.

woohoo i quit my job
quit job meme

When you are trying to figure out how to quit your job and not work.

me trying to figure out how to quit my job and not work
quit my job meme

Rage quitting, here’s your rage quit meme.

me after i rage quit my job
rage quit meme

More Unemployed Memes

The unemployed memes continue. Here’s a good laugh about pretending that your severance pay will cover your lifestyle so you don’t have to work.

me pretending that my severance pay will sustain me so i dont have to work
severance meme

Don’t miss our last day of work memes for whenever that time comes.

Everyday is a day off when you are unemployed.

everyday is a day off if you're unemployed
unemployed meme

When you got 99 problems including unemployment.

unemployment check meme
unemployment check meme

Tell me again about how someone can live on unemployment. See our inflation memes.

tell me again how you think people can lie off of their unemployment checks
unemployment checks meme

Have you ever tried to file for unemployment? Good luck with that. It’s not an easy task to navigate and definitely something no one would ever consider fun.

if you could just make filing for unemployment easier than would be grat
unemployment meme

Share the Jobless Memes

We have plenty of more funny memes about work and being jobless. Enjoy and share.

hr department be like you are unemployed everyone is unemployed

unemployed meme funny

We just ask that you link back to this post and tag us on social media. Best wishes job hunting!

cheers to being jobless!
jobless meme

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