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Words Matter – 1000s of Great Quotes to Inspire & Motivate

Inspirational Quotes – Words Have Power

Words have power. I don’t know if this is you, but if it is – this list of inspirational quotes is for you. 

He said, she said – quotes, y’all. That’s what we are sharing. From the inspirational, motivational to prominent figures. Quotes are the words that someone or something said.

Have you ever wondered why we are always quoting people or sharing what someone else has already said? Is it because we like the way they used words to express something we are feeling? It is to share how we are feeling when we ourselves can’t find the exact words of our own?

our favorite quotes
words matters – our favorite quotes and words of wisdom

Famous, inspirational and motivational – we are sharing our favorite quotes. Use these words and quotations for self care or share with a friend.

Our Favorite Words and Quotes

Find words that matter to you. Here are 1000s of quotes from various sources sorted by topic.

Fast Company did a piece on this, in answering why inspirational quotes inspire us. Ward Farnsworth, dean of the University of Texas School of Law had this to say about it.

Farnsworth says the details of wording make a difference. While there are many ways to say the same thing, one may be more pleasing and convincing than all the others because of the way words are arranged. 

Fast Company
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Perhaps it’s because we need the positive and motivation of words from successful or well known people help kick us in gear. Here is an interesting thought on the usefulness of quotations.

Thoughts are an important aspect to humanity, as it allows us time to process ideas and to reflect on decisions. Indeed, it is perhaps the case that managers, leaders, bosses, and entrepreneurs, undervalue the importance of quiet time. Successful entrepreneurs always have a positive outlook and are usually inspired by successful thoughts and verbatim.

We are sharing some of our favorite words from our favorite books, musicals, authors and people. Like our funny memes, we love for our content to be shared! Feel free to share these quotes. We’ve included a simple way to do so by hovering over the image and clicking the social icon you want to share to

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